Houzz: inspiring ideas for renovation and interior design

Houzz Repair for many is comparable to a natural disaster, but in fact, it is a great opportunity to Express yourself and show creativity. Everyone wants his house was not only beautiful but also cozy.

The most daring bravely to undertake the implementation of its ambitious projects. Others use the services of experts. With the advent of the Houzz mobile app for Android has the opportunity to spy on the interesting ideas of interior design and apply them in their apartment or house.

Houzz does not dare to call just a mobile app. It is something more. Houzz is a unique project that brings together beginners and enthusiasts, who decided on their own to transform a house or apartment and professionals in design and interior design.

For the first app will be a great help, free tutorial on design with gorgeous illustrations, and for the experts Houzz is an excellent opportunity to show their best work to the world, to find customers and exchange experiences with other designers or get advice from colleagues.

Getting started with Houzz
The application is very loyal to its users and does not require registration. You can see photos, read articles and forum incognito or sign in through Facebook account or Google.

The application interface
Houzz is primarily a working tool, so everything in it is simple and easy. On the home screen feed with photos of interiors. On each image specify the appearance of the room (hall, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) and the style in which design.

The top menu bar on the home screen of the app contains tabs, when you click on that second menu bar, open the additional tab. Let’s consider them:

Main – contains randomly selected photos. From there you can go to the album, take a photo and load a photo, or start with a new sketch.
Photos of the interiors of all types of premises. Here you can set filters and view the images of certain rooms, or choose one of the styles. You can select and region – photos from around the world or any one country.
Purchases – here are more interior. Under each image, there are information about the author and the price if the item is sold.
Experts – a huge number of designers, studios and art workshops with all the necessary information: contacts, examples of work and other things.
Articles – news from the world of interior design, articles and other interesting information.
Forum – where you can upload pictures of your repair, examples of interiors or ask a question to other users.

The app Houzz has many advantages, and one of them is the opportunity to directly ask a question to the author of any project. Liked some detail of the interior? Now there is no need to look for such a thing on the Internet – you can ask the designer by clicking on its page.