Facebook save all the information about you. You can download it

Facebook will not delete anything. How to download all the information about yourself?
Since 2010, Facebook allows you to download all the data you lice and user activity. Just a few clicks of the mouse in the correct sections of the service menu, and after only a few minutes in your Inbox, a great history of your interaction with the services and even more. Interested? Further, explain how to do it and what data Facebook collects about you and your contacts.

On the one hand such close attention and logging everything can be on the hands of the one who generates all this data. When suddenly for some reason had to see what it was before, to refresh your memory of something or to some fact. On the other hand it is clear that if such information were to fall into the hands, it can create many awkward or dangerous situation for the owner of the account.

Check what you share with Facebook, how well protected your profile.

How to download?
Download all about me elementary. Just go into the settings of Facebook in the web version, on the “General” tab you can see a link “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. Ready.

You will be asked just in case to enter a password, sends a warning letter in the mail that went to the Assembly data. A few minutes later send another notification that the process is completed, you can download a zip archive. And again asked to enter a password.

What is it?
Facebook records all. He really knows a lot about us: where we live, work, love how many wakes up and go to sleep, with whom to communicate, what kind of food preferred, etc., the Algorithms of the social network already today, analyses all photos of people can identify faces with an accuracy of 98% for a few seconds.

First, you will see all the profile data, which provide about themselves voluntarily, and the whole story of their changes.

Second, all contacts from your smartphone, not only those listed in your friends on Facebook. But those whose phone numbers you have recorded, and with whom you communicated by email.

Then the whole history of your status updates or posts to your feed, and all photos and videos here.

Of course, Facebook keeps all the data about your contacts in the social network: with whom mutual friendship, who is signed to you, who signed you, who once were removed from friends, etc., in which year it happened.

Well, you can also read all the correspondence in personal messages/Facebook Messenger, including chat and group chat.

And even different events in which you participated or showed interest.

In addition, all data entry into the network: date, ip address, browser fingerprint, cookies, etc.

See also all applications that have had or still own the access to your Facebook profile, as well as advertisers, who received information about you.

Well? Impressive?

And surely, this is not all the data the social network collects about us and stores on its servers.